Traditional Thai Massage Hand Techniques

Some Traditional Thai Massage Hand Techniques

Traditional Thai Massage - Thai Massage London

The Thai masseur hand's are critical in creating the right movements and pressures for undertaking a perfect Thai massage - here are some of the hand movements that go to make up a Thai masseurs' toolkit.

Thai Massage - Palm Presses

Palm pressure is used using both of your hands concurrently. They're frequently accustomed to open and shut a movement and therefore often precedes Palm Press Walking.

Thai Massage - Palm Walking

Pressure is used using both of the hands alternately. Lean together with your body weight onto one hand then transfer unwanted weight to the other hand with a rocking sideways movement. Palm walking is frequently accustomed to relax the customer as well as in-between actions.

Palm Presses and Palm walking are utilized extensively around the feet, legs, arms and back.

Thai Massage - Thumb Presses

Pressure is definitely applied using the ball from the thumb in to the soft muscle (never using the point or tip). Make sure you keep your thumb joints straight instead of bent. Therefore, the ball from the thumb lies flat from the point being pressed. Initially, this may lead to some strain and tenderness inside your thumbs however they will quickly strengthen with more experience. Observe facial responses to assist to look for the quantity of pressure appropriate for the massage client.

Thai Massage - Thumb Walking

Pressure is used using the thumbs alternately. This really is utilized on the power lines around the legs, arms and back. Working the energy lines may be thought of as the life blood of the good Thai Massage.

Thai Massage - Thumb Circles

Gentle circular actions are applied with thumbs inside a clockwise direction. This can be a gentler technique than thumb press and it is utilized on bones, fingers and toes and could be applied after pressing a place for relaxation. This massage hand movements is also accustomed to release tension around shoulders or any other places that there's congestion.

Thai Massage - Finger Circles

Light pressure is used using the pads from the three middle fingers inside a circular movement. This really is put on the sternum and underneath the clavicle and also to release tension in other areas of the body such as those around the shoulder.

Thai Massage - Palm Circles

Circular actions are applied with the hands while using centre from the heel from the palm. This really is used like a relaxation technique at the start and finish of the abdominal massage inside a continuous circle.

Thai Massage - Elbow Press

Pressure is lightly applied using the elbow, using the forearm up. Pressure is gradually launched by getting the forearm lower. This method of massage is more powerful than thumb pressure and should continually be applied with mindfulness and watching facial responses or requesting feedback.

Thai Massage - Loose Fist Knock

This really is applied having a loose fist and relaxed arms along with a slow knocking movement using the fingers, the contact being using the fingers underneath the joints. This Thai massage method utilized on the rear of legs.

Thai Massage - Forearm Roll

Pressure is used using the bottom from the forearm pressing lower and moving the arm away. This really is used on top of shoulders and back of legs.

Thai Massage - Cutting up

With hands together in prayer position and fingers apart, press the palms together to ensure that the elbows explain and over arms are horizontal with fingers pointing as much as face the ceiling. Rotate over the arms in the elbow making rapid rotation actions from the arms to ensure that the edges from the little fingers chop from the body. Cutting up is really a movement utilized on the legs, back and only side from the spine.

Traditional Thai Massage - Hand Techniques

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