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Thai Massage London is dedicated to bringing out Thai massage customers some of the best news and information about the practice and application of  traditional Thai massage to as wide an audience as possible.

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Thai Traditional Massage in the Western World - read this short article as how Traditional Thai Massage has grown increasing acceptance in the Western world.

The Buddhist tradition behind traditional Thai massage - a short article detailing the honourable and centuries old Buddhist tradition in Thailand that lies behind traditional Thai massage.

Thai Herbal Hot Compress - a short article describing the history and application of the Thai herbal hot compress as a very useful adjunct to traditional Thai massage.

Studying Traditional Thai Massage - a short article describing how to study the wonderful discipline of Traditional Thai Massage and the different type of massage courses available.

Traditional Thai Massage - Hand Techniques - another short article from Thai Massage London about the different hand movements that go to make up the toolkit of the Thai masseur.

How Traditional Thai Massage can help reduce pain - a scholarly review of a trial to determine whether the application of traditional Thai massage can help reduce the discomfort of pain in certain bodily ailments.