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Thai Massage London Videos

Thai traditional massage - water
Thai Massage London
as you all probably know is one of central London's finest collective of native both male and female Thai masseurs. All have trained at the world renowned massage school in Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand and have many years of skilful Thai massage experience behind them . With the advent of the internet and You Tube
Thai massage London - yin and yang symbol
it's now possible to share and educate a huge audience as to the techniques and benefits of Traditional Thai massage . Thai Massage London will be using this page to bring you some of the best Thai massage videos we can find.
Hope you enjoy watching these Thai massage videos as much as we did finding and watching them.

 Thai Massage London - where your healing is in our hands ....

Thai Massage from a Siamese Cat

Thai Massage London really loves this feline massage video where a Siamese Cat - a pedigree of cats that comes from Thailand loves to pummel and massage this pillow. Sadly at the moment Thai Massage London does not employ any cat masseurs ....

 Thai Massage London - where your healing is in our hands ....

Thai Massage - Full Body Back Massage

Here's a wonderful HD video of a non -Thai massage therapist showing how to undertake a full body back massage using a essential oil massage oil to assist in lubricating the hands whilst undertaking the massage. Thai Massage London only employs native born male and female Thai masseurs to carry out some of the most affordable and luxurious Thai full body massage in the central London area.

Thai Massage London - where your healing is in our hands ....

Aromatherapy Full Body Oil Techniques

At Thai London Massage we are confident that our aromatherapy full body massage is just the best massage you could have. An aromatherapy oil full body massage is among the epitome of indulgent relaxing massage treatments you can have. The massage client is generally unclothed and also the massage counsellor uses a number of different aromatherapy massage oils that are applied directly to the skin of the massage client throughout the duration of the massage. Read some more information about aromatherapy full body massage here. This massage video particulars a few of the massage techniques and tips which are used throughout an aromatherapy full body massage.


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