Top Ten Tips for a Great Thai Massage

Top Ten Tips for having a truly great Thai Massage (squirrels love it too...)

Thai Massage London - Top Ten Tips for a Thai Massage

If it's the first time that you have chosen a traditional Thai massage then have a look at these top  ten great  tips to make sure you have a great Thai massage.

1.    Do not eat a huge meal in advance.

2.   Allow the Thai masseuse to know about every one of any health issues you may have , just in case you've pre-existing conditions where Thai massage isn't reccomended.

3.  Similarly tell the Thai masseuse for those who have bad back or painful knees or possibly if it is your first Thai massage and request these to be a  bit gentle.  You need to day relaxed with a peaceful body and demeanour , and this should not really be  a painful process due to the incorrect application of massage techniques.

4. When the Thai massage establishment enables you to select a Thai masseuse yourself, it might be simple to be seduced by

Thai Massage London - Top Ten Tips for a Thai Massage
the youthful attractive masseuse but keep in mind that the older ladies (or men!) tend to be more experienced and usually provide the best massages!

5. If in Thailand then tipping can also be suggested, an acceptable tip between 20 baht ( 40p ) upwards can produce a large difference for that Thai masseuse. It is also particularly helpful should you intend on creating a return visit because they are likely to provide you with a much better massage for the next time.

6.  Typically Thai massage uses no massage oil, but nowadays you will notice that a multitude of locations offer aromatherapy full body oil massages too, catering for people from other countries who likes the soft and relaxing aromatherapy oil massage

 7.  When you are being rubbed by the masseur , attempt to relax whenever possible and synchronize your breathing to be calm, gentle and in keeping with the rhythm from the massage

Thai Massage London - Top Ten Tips for a Thai Massage
8.  Always drink a glass water soon after your massage is finished (most shops should offer this instantly). The action of massage releases harmful toxins within your body and drinking water will help to clear them from your body.

9. Thai Massage is recommended for most of us. But Thai massage isn't suggested for those who have infectious skin illnesses, open wounds, pregnancy, surgery , chemotherapy ,radiation as well as Thai  massages shouldn't be done directly over bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumours, abdominal hernia, or regions of recent fractures.

10. Finally just lie back and enjoy the feeling of wellbeing and profound comfort that comes with having a great Traditional Thai Massage preferably with Thai Massage London.

Lots of people who regularly have Thai traditional massages discover that themselves gets to be more relaxed, energetic and versatile . Additionally they find that Thai traditional massage can help to eliminate stress, improve bloodstream circulation and centres the body and mind.

Thai Massage London - Top Ten Tips for a Thai Massage

Tips for Getting a Great Thai Massage

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