Aromatherapy Full Body Oil Massage

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What is  Aromatherapy Full Body Massage?

Aromatherapy full body massage is therapeutic massage with highly concentrated plant massage oils, which are known as essential oils, which are then  put into the massage oil or product.

So how exactly does aromatherapy full body massage work?

The nostrils are affixed to a vital  element of the brain which is known as the limbic system. This limbic system controls feelings and influences the central nervous system and the body's hormones.

Whenever you inhale perfumed essential oils , messages are sent towards the limbic system which can then affect heartbeat, stress level, bloodstream pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and also the vital defence mechanisms of the body.

Essential massage oils are also be thought to become absorbed with the skin.

Each essential massage oil has different healing qualities. For instance, some can produce a sense of calm while some will energize. Here are a few

broadly used essential massage oils as well as their effects on the body :

  •     soothing massage oils - lavender, lavender, geranium
  •     beneficial massage oils - ylang ylang, clary sage, rose, neroli
  •     energizing massage oils  - rosemary oil
  •     cleansing massage oils - rosemary oil
  •     decongesting massage oils - eucalyptus, pine, tea tree

So why do people want an aromatherapy full body massage?

Aromatherapy massage is especially suitable for conditions including stress or enhancing psychologically-related conditions.

  •     Stress and stress-related conditions for example insomnia
  •     Headaches and migraines
  •     Digestive complaints
  •     Premenstrual syndrome / PMS
  •     Back discomfort

Here are a couple of good examples from the research that's being carried out on the effects and outcomes of aromatherapy full body  massage:

    Aromatherapy full body massage can greatly enhanced signs and symptoms and wellness in individuals with lymphedema.. However, carefully selected aromatherapy massage oils didn't seem to be much more efficient than massage without aromatherapy oil.


aromatherapy full body oil massage baby
16 first-time women received a 30-minute aromatherapy oil  massage 2 days after delivery of their baby, whilst 20 other women as a control non-massage group received standard ante-natal care. The aromatherapy oil massage group had considerably decreased rankings of  post-birth blues and anxiety coupled with elevated vigour and attachment for their babies.

     Research indicates that patients with cancer, especially in the palliative care setting, are progressively using aromatherapy and massage to bring a sense of calm and acceptance.

 So what can I expect throughout an aromatherapy oil massage?

Following the consultation with the massage therapist, a number of essential oils are selected according to the outcome that is being sought and therefore are included using the massage oil or product.

The subtle aroma from the essential massage oils completely fills the environment around you throughout the massage.

Following the aromatherapy massage, the massage counsellor might point to a mix of essential massage oils which you can use in your own home with other massage remedies.

Safeguards for aromatherapy full body oil massage

aromatherapy full body oil massage

 Aromatherapy oil massage isn't suggested for some selected groups of people:

  •      infectious skin condition, rash, or open wounds
  •     soon after surgery
  •     soon after chemotherapy or radiation, unless of course suggested from your physician
  •     vulnerable to stroke . There's a danger of a blood clot being dislodged during the massage therapy. For those who have cardiovascular disease, you should seek advice from your physician before getting an aromatherapy full body  massage
  •     women that are pregnant should seek advice from their physician first if they're thinking about obtaining a aromatherapy full body  massage. Massage in women that are pregnant ought to be done by massage practitioners who're licensed to give pregnancy massage. Massage therapist at Thai London Massage are led by Gai who is a Thai massage teacher of great skill and 15 years massage experience and can advise if necessary.
  •     massage shouldn't be done directly over bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumours, abdominal hernia, or regions of recent fractures.

Additional tips for having an aromatherapy full body massage

Rather obvious maybe but you will benefit by not consuming a heavy meal prior to the massage.

 So whether it's your first time with Thai London Massage try to arrive a few minutes early so you'll some time to relax and be absolutely ready for your aromatherapy full body massage. 

Aromatherapy Full Body Oil Massage

aromatherapy full body oil massage

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