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Traditional Thai Massage
goes back 2500 years and is a great way of relaxing your body and so quietening your brain. It can benefit you by alleviating  many physical problems for example back discomfort, tense shoulders and neck, stiffness, poor posture, heartburn and sciatica in addition to some more mental problems like stress and lethargy.

Thai Massage London is a collective of male and female native born Thai Wat Po trained Thai massage therapists who will be delighted to introduce you to one of the word's greatest indulgences the Thai full body massage.

Thai full body massage therapy is carried out fully dressed (when oils are utilized) on the massage pad which lies on the ground. Thai massage involves putting gentle but firm pressure on our bodies using the palms and thumbs, in addition to relaxing stretching of the tendons and back. In by doing this Thai massage therapy really works effectively on skin, muscle, the organs and also the skeletal structure. Bloodstream and lymph circulation is elevated and waste substances are taken off tissue.

We can also undertake Thai Herbal Hot Pack Massage, that involves using steamed Thai herbal packs which drive warmth into skin and muscles, helping to loosen tension significantly and chasing after away the damp moods and lethargy could frequently linger within our physiques, particularly in winter season.

Another variation of traditional Thai massage is Thai Ayurvedic full body  oil massage or aromatherapy full body oil massage which is  carried out with minimal clothing, and uses oil appropriate for your 'massage' personality.

Health training is a valuable part of the treatment because Thai therapeutic massage is just one tool in an approach to improve ones health it can't work alone, and in addition it should be aligned together with your real focus and direction. Together, we are able to determine where you need to go, and help you find the best way using Thai massage therapy to get you there.

A fundamental Thai therapeutic massage lasts one-and-a-half hrs and charges £50.

Herbal Hot Pack massage and Thai Aromatherapy  full body massage (also one-and-a-half hrs) each cost £60.

All our Thai therapeutic masseurs are qualified massage therapists and all have diplomas from Thailand's Wat Po School of Traditional Thai Massage. 

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Thai Massage London - affordable and luxurious Thai massage therapy from native born male and female Thai masseurs to the central London area. Incall and outcall hotel visits available. Thai Massage London - your perfect Thai massage partner.